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Instructions and Help about Form 5558 instructions

Hey guys we're here in a 2022 Focus ST today and I currently have this vehicle on our dyno and I'm going to take this opportunity to show you how to use the accessport to perform the various data logs that will be requested of you for remote tuning also known as eat owning so the first thing that you want to do is you want to go ahead and download the map file and transfer that to your access port using access port manager and after you do that you want to configure the data logging list to reflect only the parameters requested to be data logged so you'll do that by going to gauges and then you scroll up to that arrow right there see it's highlighted in green and then you'll go to configure data logging now you have a very large list of parameters that you can datalog any parameter that is not being recorded will be in gray any data I'm sorry any parameter that is going to be recorded will be green so for example this cop custom feature map slot is not in the list and you'll just go through this whole list taking out any parameter that is not requested and adding in any parameter that is requested so we want actually AFR we want Air Flow mass and you just go through this whole list and once you're finally all done you'll hit the left toggle button there to save your list and you're all good to go so in the next video I will show you the various data logs and this this entire view will be a few segments to guide you through how to perform all of this so the very first data log that you want to do is the 30-second idle data log so the first thing you want to do is just start the car up obviously bring the to operating temperature and I apologize if it gets really noisy in here this particular car has a a little bit of a rattle on the exhaust obviously you're going to want to disable the ESC since I'm on the dyno you want to disable ESC when doing your driving data logs so all you have to do is bring the engine to operating temperature you can see here that the coolant temp is 193 oil temperature is 172 this is pretty sufficient to what could be considered operating tempo warmed up hit the data log button and just let that sit there for about 30 seconds and let it record all the data that we set up in the previous data logging list after 30 seconds stop the Datalog we can move on to the second gear acceleration data log so for the second gear acceleration data log you literally just want to get yourself into second gear you can also do this in 3rd if that is a little bit easier for you.

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