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8955 ssa where to file Form: What You Should Know

Your plan design may be for a defined benefit plan or a defined contribution plan. What Are Deferred Vested Benefits? Deferred Vested Benefits are the money or rights you get as a result of your separation from employment that is not considered income. Your plan may not be a defined benefit plan if the plan provides benefits to you based solely upon the amount of money you contribute. Your plan may not be a defined contribution plan if the plan requires a contribution from you on a regular basis regardless what kind of retirement system you are participating in. The best-known defined benefit plans include pension plans such as Pension.com. The benefits and the taxes associated with them are taxed as regular income. Your plan might provide some combination of a retirement fund, defined benefit plan, annuity fund, and/or a taxable retirement vehicle. Your plan might take the form of: a defined-contribution plan (or an equivalent plan available through a 401(k) or 403(b), 403(b), or 403(r) plan that is “at-risk” if the funding level falls below certain levels) a defined-benefit plan (a type of defined benefit plans where the employer makes a guarantee on the amount of benefits that will be provided to the employee from the plan). A defined-contribution or taxable retirement plan in which your employer contributes automatically into a specific trust fund to buy the pension. This fund is then invested and the employee's money is paid out on the employee's behalf. A non-defined-contribution plan (a type of plan where the employer makes a separate contribution to meet a specified minimum level on an at-risk basis) what to include in the form and how to fill it out (for example, add the amount of pension benefits your employee would have earned if you had not separated) For example, if you were working with a government agency you would need to fill out Form 8955-SSA for your plan. If you worked with a mutual fund firm, you need to use Form 8955-SSA-1 as a backup. For information about retirement fund or annuity plans (including the tax information associated with them), see the related section of the IRS Retirement plan and retirement annuity FAQs about pensions and annuities. Tax and Retirement Answers — Form 8955- SSA Q9.

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