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When did the homo species start to form tribes?
It depends on what you call "tribes". If you mean just social groups, composed of people with different origins but with a common destiny, then probably tribes go back as early as mankind. If you mean groups with a leader and a complex hierarchy, then probably tribes are a much more recent phenomenon. Hierarchically structured groups emerge in societies with social ranking, and the distribution of material wealth is crucial in that kind of society. Early human groups with a hunter-gatherer economy tend to be egalitarian. Differences in wealth emerge in agricultural societies where the distribution of land and the management of crops becomes crucial. In these early farming societies you see the emergence of social ranking, with differences according to the ranking in society. It's possible that this processus was at the basis of the formation of what you may call "tribes". People who aren't necessarily relatives, but who share a common goal and who share codes that make them belong to that group and that exclude others. This processus probably occurred when people established as farmers 12,500 years ago.
When did the verb 'to get' start to become an alternate form of 'to be', and why?
I am not a linguist, but in my conception the verb to be has an intrinsic connection with something that you naturally are, or some mutable state that you are passing (eg: “Phillip is a happy kid” and “Taylor was sad last week”, both being related with the interior of one), whereas in the verb to get we are talking about something exterior to the person, you can say that: “Phillip is a happy kid”, but “ Phillip gets happy …” implies that there is some exterior motive for his happiness.So, in my opinion, to get is better used on those cases for it brings an idea of some exterior reason for a person to have something. Meanwhile to be is related with the interior matter, something that comes from the inside of a person.
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